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HSD Offers (Ohio Only)
Base Internet
Promo: $50.59/month x 6months
Rolls to $75.59 EDP

Unli Superfast
Promo $57.99/month x 6months
Rolls to $107.99 EDP

Unli Gigafast
Promo $69.99/month x 6months
Rolls to $140.39/$130.39

Unli Fast
Promo $57.19/month x 6months
Rolls to $97.19/$92.19

Unli Ultrafast
Promo $58.79/month x 6months
Rolls to $118.79/$108.79

Wifi Your Way
Gateway + WYW up to 2 Superpods & App $17.99 rate/month 

Note: Cx owned modem/router will not rent from us $0.00
Subract $10 for Autopay & Ecosave credit if cx signs upfor Autopay & E-Billing

Base Internet
~Light Users
* Uses the internet for checking emails, social media, shop online & browsing
*4-6 devices connected at once

Unli Fast Internet
~Moderate Users
*recreational gamers, streams video, download music, homeschoolers & work from home
*10-12 devices connected at once
*NH, ME, CT & OH markets will be less expensive than other markets at EDP due to competetive nature of these markets 

Unli Superfast
~Ultra Users
*Heavy gamers, multiple devices connected at the same time
*10-12 devices connected at once
*Provides max bandwidth & speed for sharing files, videos & photos
*Only available at Grasonville, MD-Clearfield, Shippenville, PA-Saluda, VA

Unli Ultrafast
~Extreme Users
*Heavy gamers
*15-18 devices connected at once
*Provides max bandwidth & speed for sharing files, videos & photos
*D3.1 Modem required
*NH, ME, CT & OH markets will be less expensive than other markets at EDP due to competetive nature of these markets 
*Only available at Grasonville, MD-Clearfield, Shippenville, PA-Saluda, VA

Unli Gigafast
~Intense Users
*Heavy gamers, streamers, high bandwidth users
*20+ devices connected at once
*Provides max bandwidth & speed for sharing files, videos & photos
*D3.1 Modem required
*NH, ME, CT & OH markets will be less expensive than other markets at EDP due to competetive nature of these markets 
*Not available at Grasonville, MD-Clearfield, Shippenville, PA-Saluda, VA

Unlimited Giga fast internet 

  • heavy gamers, streamers, high bandwidth users.
  • provides maximum bandwidth and speed for sharing files videos and photos
  • 20+ devices connected to the internet at once

D3.1 Modem required 

*NH, ME, CT & OH markets will be less expensive than other markets at EDP due to the competitive nature of these markets. 

Unlimited Giga fast- 1G/ 50 M 

This speed is not available in Grasonville, MD- saluda VA- clearfield, PA shippenville PA.


wireless device- it is important to understand that a customer will not get the full 1 gig speed with wireless device. 

To get the fastest possible network speeds, a computer or other device must be connected directly to the modem using a Ethernet cable.

When using wireless devices, customers can expect much faster speeds than they would get with other types of wireless access. 

2 types of internet 

2.4 and 5G 

  • a 2.4 gives a customer wider ranges however its a bit slow
  • 5G a wider range and faster speed 


  • A DOCSIS 3.1 modem is REQUIRED to get unlimited ultrafast and unlimited gigafast speeds. Customers can rent our 3.1 All in one Gateway or purchase their own.
  • TiVo customers that upgrade to unlimited ultrafast or unlimited Gigafast will be issued a 3.1 Gateway. This is an all iin one device is capable of internet/ phone/MoCa/ wireless.
  • TiVo customers CAN either leasea 3.1 gateway from breezeline or purchase their own 3.1 Gateway with our TiVo gear. 
  • Customers Owned  modem Requirement with TiVo gear: The customers modem must be a least a D3 (ok for slower speeds under 400 mbps) or a d3.1 (required for faster speeds over 400 mbps). Breezeline recommends a D3.1 for TiVo gear. All customer owned modems used for TiVo gear must be " MoCa enabled and IPv6 compliant"
  • if the customer is using a customer owned modem with TiVo gear, be sure to explain our requirements above. This ensures a seamless installation and the ability to install multiples outlets of TiVo gear like 3 smart boxes or a TiVo DVR with 4 Minis.
  • Noted: if a customer has their own modem without  a MoCa network, TiVo gear would be limited to one outlet 1 smartbox or 1 TiVo DVR. Additional outlest require a MoCa network enabled modem. 

DOCSIS- Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification 

MoCa-  Multimedia over Coax Alliance

3.1 Modem Equipment

Arris TG-3452 all in one 

technical or CGM4231 all in one 

hitron CODA4589- all in one 

3.1 devices capable of internet/ phone/ MoCa wireless

yellow- for internet

gray- for phone services

How will it work on breezeline?

  • we will provide customers with a 3.1 Gateway modem
  • devices will be connected wirelessly via superpods or through ethernet cables. 
  • ethernet cable, wall outlet, 3.1 gateway modem, wireless connection


Fiber- optic internet is a complex technology that allows the transmission of information in the form of light rather than electricty.

  • there are many components that make up this advanced technology, but two key ones are "optical fibers" and the so-called "last mile" of the fiber optic-network. 
  • OPTICAL FIBERS- is a flexible, transparent fiber made by drawing glass (silica) or plastic to a diameter slightly thicker than that of a human hair.
  • Last mile: is the distance between the core fiber lines and the users home, while traditionally Coaxial, with a FFTH, Fiber runs from the core line directly to the home.
  • once these super fast pulses of light reach their destination, they are converted into an electrical output that your devices can understand and use. 
  • This is performed by a special piece of equipment called the Optical network terminal (ont), which then sends the signal to the customer via an Ethernet connection or over WIFI. 
  • Fiber internet is the fastest choice for connecting your home and all your devices. most fiber plans offer 1 gbps (1,000 mbps), which is more than most people can use even if they invite all their friends over to use their WIFI.

How is fiber different from other types of internet?

  • The main difference is that fiber doesn't utilize an electric current like other types of internet connections do. It uses light, delivered through the fiberglass core.
  • Fiber-optic cables are made from thin fibers of glass or plastic that transmit information as pulses of light across long distancs. Compared to coaxial cable, Fiber can carry much more data is much less prone to data loss. 

Is fiber internet faster?

- yes! high speed internet connections transmit data at a different speeds. Fiber internet is lightning fast. The inside of a fiber- optic tube acts like a mirror, bouncing the light off the inside walls and down the tube towards its destination. Since information is literally moving at the speed of light, you can move a lot of data really fast.

The main advantages of fiber are its high download speeds symmetrical uploads speeds, reliability, and scalability

  • In addition to being faster, fiber is widely considered to be more realible and is an excellent choice for gamers, remote workers, and multi-users households.
  • this will enable breezeline to increase speeds from 1 gig to 10 gigs over time. 

Fiber new offer construct 

  • We are introducing new fiber speeds in Aaronsburg, Millheim, coburn, woodward, madisonburg, rebersburg and spring mills PA. All new customers must start with fiber internet in above areas.
  • order fullfillment for "new connects" is restricted to Pro installs only, due to complexity of fiber installations. 
  • New symmetrics speeds- the download and upload speeds are the same with the exception of unlimited fiber giga fast (upload speeds has increased form 50 to 600)


Unlimited Fiber fast

  • 200/200 mbps
  • unlimited data 
  • Promo: $57.19/ month x 6 months 
  • rolls to: $97.19

Unlimited fiber giga fast

  • 1000/600 mbps
  • unlimited data 
  • promo: $80.39/month x6 months 
  • rolls to : $140.39

Unlimited fiber ultra fast

  • 500/500 mbps
  • unlimited data 
  • promo: $58.79 month x 6 months 
  • rolls to : $118.79

WIFI your Way 

  • gateway + WIFI your way with up to 2 pods & app
  • $14.99  rate/month 

customer owned modem/router NOT AN OPTION in fifth areas. 

subtract $10 for autopay & ecosave credit if the customer signs up for autopay & e- billing.


the fiber new offer construct is very similar to our current offer strategy 'straight up' with the only major key difference being the selection of a FIBER HSD 


  • base internet & internet assist are not available in fiber areas (this includes care, sales and retention
  • fiber offers will see an increased internet upload speed (200/200, 500/500, 1000/600)
  • Pay-per- view is not available on cable card ir a TiVo equipment
  • Family + entertainment + starz , starz encore, cinemax & movieplexes are not available in this region 
  • Same promotional pricing, 6 month introduction & EDP 
  • Same bundle credits customers will qualify for the internet/video discount ($15.00) and the internet/ phone discounts ($17.00) but no competitive credit in this region 
  • same order entry process, customers will choose a tier of fiber internet and add WIFI your way. Then the customers can add our current TiVo experiences, choose form our current tiers of video, including premium channels and add unlimited phone service.

Calix Giga Center 854G

Calix GigaPoint 830G

Only internet service - 803G

If have video- 854G

Products HSD Equipment to Install
HSD/WYW Calix 803G and 2 SuperPods (has one phone port which limits the customer to one phone number
HSD only or HSD/Video Calix 854G (has 2 phone ports
HSD/WYW/Video Calix 854G and 2 SuperPods 9has 2 phone ports)

Note: If the customer is Fiber Internet only and is installed with a Calix 803G and upgrades to add video